The goals of Khon Kaen University (KKU) are to assist our students and the community gain satisfaction and happiness in their studies and lives; be they pupils at lower schools to university students and university personnel, the general public and local people. 
The university plans to set its role in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) as a leading educational institution and has set its mission to improve education management in various disciplines, from research, academic services, and arts and culture preservation. 
The university will use technology and knowledge appropriately so that it can move forward with mindfulness and concern for the community and society. 
From the beginning to present, graduates from the Khon Kaen University are endowed with unique features that make them ready to work with attention and care to do good deeds for society and the community. 
The university has a strong research network and is a hub of excellence for research in various fields. KKU also emphasizes the role of local wisdom of the community and connecting the knowledge of interdisciplinary fields to be in line with community or social needs.   
The university aims to focus on maintaining, preserving and supporting local arts and culture in the community. Our mission reflects upon KKU’s ideal to being the “University of Healthy and Happiness” by adhering to the following concepts:
 Caring  for the community and society
  It is like a picture of a leaf’s fine and delicate lines, which expresses its care and sharing to community, society and environment.    
Connecting  with bodies of knowledge 
This picture of Isaan keed pattern shows the connections through the body of knowledge to help solve social problems. 
Creating  for work  
It’s the picture of gable (or triangular end of a roof), in the form of Isaan sun-lights, which expresses the lights of wisdom for creative works, graduates, research work, and academic services.  
Happiness  The University of Healthy 
It is the paintings’ lined patterns on Isaan walls, which are represented in the picture of man, who expresses the happiness of pupils, students, personnel and the general public in the GMS region and also across t he globe.  

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