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1. Si Than Community
2. Arts and Cultural Gallery
3. Golden Jubilee Convention Center
4. Faculty of Law
5. Sathit KKU Demonstration School, Seuksasart (Education)
6. KKU Electricity Station
7. Chaturamook Building
8. Sirikunakorn Building
9. President Offices Building 1
10. President Offices Building 2
11. Physical Education Gymnasium
12. Table Tennis Gymnasium
13. Shooting Range
14. Fencing Gymnasium
15. Kean Kallapapruek Building
16. Physical Education Building
17. Security Offices
18. Food and Services Complex 2
19. Student Affairs Division
20. KKU Student Union
21. Food and Services Complex 2
22. KKU Alumni Association
23. Kwanmor Building
24. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
25. Sathit KKU Demonstration School, Mor Din Daeng
26. Faculty of Agriculture
27. Faculty of Technology
28. Library
29. Faculty of Sciences
30. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
31. University Academic Services Center (Phimol Kolkitch Building)
32. Old Royal Degree Presentation Hall
33. Computer Center
34. Faculty of Management Sciences
35. Faculty of Education
36. Faculty of Engineering
37. Faculty of Architecture
38. Bann Chee Waa Silpa Mor Din Deang
39. Mekong Institute
40. Confucius Institute, KKU
41. College of Local Administration
42. Poj Sarasin Building
43. Year Anniversary Building
44. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
45. Faculty of Nursing
46. Faculty of Public Health
47. Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences
48. Research Laboratory Building, Faculty of Medicine
49. Faculty of Medicine
50. Srinagarind Hospital
51. Faculty of Dentistry
52. Queen Sirikit Heart Center of the Northeast, KKU
53. Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts
54. Nong Waeng Food Center

55. Research and Development Institute (RDI)
56. College of Graduate Study in Management

K1 Noparat Dormitory (9 Lang)
K2. Welfare Dormitory (8 Langs)
K3. PTT Petrol Station
K4. U Plaza
K5.  Student Dormitory
K6. Mor Din Daeng Residential Area
K7. More Din Dang Shrine
K8. Farming Area
K9. Central Main Stadium
K10. Romklao Kallapruek Park
K11. Doctor Resident Area 1
K12. Faculty of Nursing Dormitory 1
K13. Agricultural Technology Park
K14  Faculty of Nursing Dormitory 2
K15. Doctor Resident Area 1
K16. Nong Waeng Residential Area
K17. Forestry Garden
K18. Si Than Sports Stadium
K19. Si Than Residential Area  
K20. Bung Si Than Reservoir



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